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April 9, 2011


by swebackpacker
Hillberg tent


Hilleberg Namattj 2 Tent

For several years I have used Hilleberg Namattj 2 during my travelling in Europe, Africa and South America. The main reason for choosing the tent was the low weight only 2.4 kg / 5 lbs 3 oz, I usually have problems with too much luggage weight when flying to other continents! The keron 1800 outer fabric is extremely strong an withstand very strong winds in high exposed areas. I have used it at high altitude at 5000 m in South America, in the jungle of Amazonas, in Kalahari in South Africa. It has been used in very cold weather -20 degree Celsius and very warm weather as well 38 degree Celsius without any problem.

The tent has gone down once and that was in Landmannalaugar in Iceland. The camping was on high altitude above the treeline with big open areas without any protections for strong winds. The ground was rocky with hard clay it was very difficult to pitch a tent. Some of my ten-pins where missing so I didn’t pitch all tent strings. At midnight a mighty furious storm with heavy rains struck at Landmannalaugar. The surprising thing was that the storm hit with enormous power on the tent bars, the tent roof went all the way down to my face and suddenly it was completely calm for about ten seconds and the tent was back in normal position again. This process continued all night and well into the middle of the day when suddenly one of the tent bars broke down and the tent collapsed. I could easily have repaired the broken tent bar with a spare one but I was not allowed to stay at Landmannalaugar since the rangers expected very cold weather bellow zero degree Celsius the next night and wanted to evacuate the area. I collected my equipment and went to Skaftafjell and repaired the tent the next day.

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