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August 18, 2012

Dead Sea and Wadi Mujib

by swebackpacker
Sunset at Dead Sea

Most people visiting the Dead Sea stay at expensive hotel resorts at the northern shore. In fact, there is an interesting budget alternative 30 km south in Wadi Mujib national park. Wadi Mujib is the Grand Canyon of Jordan, a fantastic area for walking, canyoning.

Of course, one can float as a cork and take mud baths is the Dead Sea, as well, but don´t miss the walk into the Siq trail. This is an easy walk, in the shade of the high canyon walls. If the Dead Sea is steaming hot in the middle of the summer the canyon is still cold and nice for canyoning. If you are adventurous, continue into Wadi el Hidan but this is strenuous and requires abseiling. The canyons are open from April to October.

Walking into Wadi Mujib

These canyons can be dangerous if Wadi Mujib canyon area receives heavy rain. Check the weather forecast before going into the canyons. Summer is the driest time, spring and autumn can bring some rain.

Siq Canyon

There is a possibility for walking the Ibex trail up into the mountains. If you are lucky, one might spot an Ibex on the way. This trail seems to be closed during the summer only open during October to March.

Siq Canyon small waterfall

If coming by rental car from Amman or Madaba the visitor center of Wadi Mujib is on the left side of the road just before the Wadi Mujib Bridge.

Into Siq Canyon

The entrance fee is 15 JD for the Siq trail. The ranger supply life west which is compulsory and a guide. It is possible to do Siq trail without a guide if you kindly request it.

Walking Siq trail

Rest in Siq Canyon

Leaving Siq Canyon

Opposite the visitor center on the other side of the main road there is a dirt road leading down to some chalets on a peninsula in the Dead Sea. One can drive all the way down to the reception with a rental car (no need for a 4X4). These chalets can be booked in advanced at RSCN Office in Amman by telephone 079 720 3888.  If you are interested in visiting other national parks in Jordan such as Dana and Ajloun as well, it might be better to visit their office in Amman. It is possible to become a member of RSCN and receive 25 % discount on all bookings. This can only be arranged in RSCN head office in Amman.

Wadi Mujib Chalets

One can rent a chalet for 70 JD for two persons, 60 JD for single. These chalets have beddings, air condition and a fridge and communal toilets and showers. There are no kitchen facilities so one needs to book dinner and lunchboxes in advance at the reception. There are showers near the shore soo a hot shower (unfortunately) is possible after floating as a cork in the Dead Sea. Remember to bring bathing shoes and sun blocker.

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