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September 8, 2012

Hidden gem of Dead Sea

by swebackpacker
View of Dead Sea near Máin

If you are staying in Madaba it´s possible to make a very nice round tour to different sites of Dead Sea area. This can be done by taxi or rental car. Drive south out of Madaba following the ancient King Highway to Libb.

In Libb turn right to Mukhawir and continue for about 15 km until you come up on a high ridge with a splendid view over the Dead Sea and Herod’s the Great Palace of Machaerus ruin. This is the place there Salome danced her famous seductive dance for King Herod.

Herod promised that Salome could have anything she wanted if she performed the dance. After the dance Salome asked for the head of John the Bapist. Herod kept his promise and beheaded John the Baptist and delivered it on a platter. John the Baptist is buried in a cave near the ruin. If you drive to Machaerus ruin you will most likely have it to yourself. There is a steep uphill walk from the parking lot to the ruin. There is a spectacular view of the Dead Sea from the ruin.

King Herod´s palace of Machaerus in Mukhawir

Drive down the hills from Mukhawir and continue towards Ma’in and the hot springs in Wadi Zarga. This spring is one of the few water sources actually flowing out into the Dead Sea. The water is steaming hot with temperatures up to 60°C during the summer. There is a spa and possibilities for a bath but this is most likely during the winter season. One of Jordan’s steepest roads starts at Ma’in and ends at another spectacular view point the Dead Sea Panorama if one is driving towards Madaba. At Maáin one can turn left for a drive to Mount Nebo for another amazing view of the desert landscape. Mount Nebo is the place there the prophet Moses died

The road to Maín and Dead Sea Panorama

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