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September 29, 2012

Cuban music seen from above.

by swebackpacker
Musician from Patio de Artex

If interested in Cuban music one should go to Santiago de Cuba. This is the swinging city of Caribbean music particularly just before and during the carnival. Santiago de Cuba is a hotter more vibrant city than the more cool and relaxed Havana. Havana has the amazing old architecture while Santiago de Cuba has the fabulous music. The Patio de Artex is one of the wonderful music clubs along Calle Heredia on the way down to Parque Céspedes. On the square old men playing different instruments are trying to fork out some CUC: s from visiting tourists. A cross Parque Céspedes one can find Casa de Don Diego Velázquez museum. Even the museum has their performing musicians a couple of times a week.

I have called this blog post “Cuban music from above” since all photographs are taken from above the musicians. The first photo is taken in Pateo de Artex during a wonderful evening show lasting for about an hour. According to the manager Jaen-Claude this was Cuba’s best orchestra they only performed at the club during summer visits since most of the members now lived in Europe.

Musician from Patio de Artex

. At other occasions local bands from Santiago de Cuba performed at the club. One of these local orchestras was Moorena Son. The manager Jaen-Claude thought this was Santiago de Cuba’s best orchestra. Pateo de Artex has a performance in the afternoon or a later one in the evening.

Musician from at Casa de Don Diego Velázquez museum

All the other photographs are taken at Casa de Don Diego Velázquez museum on the second floor looking down on the musicians.

Musician from at Casa de Don Diego Velázquez museum 3

Musician from at Casa de Don Diego Velázquez museum 2

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