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October 7, 2012

Trinidad the great gem of vanishing times

by swebackpacker
Man and horse on Plaza Mayor

Don Diego Velázques de Cuellar founded seven villages Baracoa, Bayamao, Sancti Spiritu, Trinidad, Pourto Principe, La Habana, Santiago de Cuba and the town Remedious. Trinidad was founded as number four 1514. This is the oldest and best maintained colonial city of Cuba. The historical core with the cobbled streets running from Plaza Mayor is an architectural feast for the eyes. The buildings in Trinidad aren’t the only well maintained things. The old classic American vintage cars seem to be in amazing shape here no other part of Cuba can compete. On the cobbled street these cars meets great competition form horses, donkeys and carts. The life on the streets is following the old traditions from vanishing times.

I met Emirito on one of these streets he was dressed in a colorful yellow shirt and looked like a cowboy. I asked him if I was allowed to take a photo. He said met me at six a clock at the church at Plaza Mayor then you can take photos. I was a little surprised about his answer but decided to meet him at Plaza Mayor in the evening.Man and horse on Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor in Trinidad

Man and horse

Plaza Mayor by night in Trinidad

Street scene in Trinidad

Man and rooster

When I met Emirito again he had dressed up considerably to my disappointment the cowboy was gone and well-dressed man appeared. He had brought his guitar and it was time for a performance. Emirito was street musician but not one of the poor men one usually met on the streets.

Street musician

Emirito had also some Cd:s recorded from different performances. Music is almost as important in Trinidad as in Santiago de Cuba. For Emirito music was a tool to send a message to other people. His texts were about the life of the people of Cuba their problems and their traditions.

Street musician 2

Street musician 3

On another street Efrain was working on his car Cubans are very skilled in maintaining the classic American vintage cars. Although they don´t have the necessary spare parts nor the needed tools they still create wonders with these wonderful cars.

Maintaining Classic American vintage car on the streets in Trinidad

Classic American vintage car on the streets in Trinidad

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