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September 17, 2013

Salento holiday resort for Colombian people!

by swebackpacker

For backpackers Salento is one of those almost unknown small holiday resorts in Colombia. Midweeks the small village is deserted of tourists but during the weekend a flood of young Colombian arrives for a Friday and Saturday evening party. It’s surprising that most backpackers miss this little gem on their way between Medellin and Cali. One is wondering why there are so few backpackers in Salento?

Rainy day in Salento

It’s easy to find accommodation of very high quality for affordable prices far lower than Medellin. During my travelling around Colombia I had the best food in Salento and it was cheap!  You might think o there is nothing to do or worth seeing?

Old Willy Jeep from 1940It´s the opposite the famous Cocora valley is only ten kilometers away with an old Willy jeep from 1940, a coffee tour at finca el Ocaso is four kilometer downhill walking from Salento! All the old well maintained houses from 1850 with their colorful doors and balconies are a feast for the eyes. One can find great landscape for walking and riding. There is a lot to do and see in Salento but still no tourists the reason must be bad weather?

Finca El OcasaNo not at all, it can be rainy sometimes but most of the time it´s sunny and around 25°C during the day.

Riding in Cocora valley

Ok it´s a dangerous place after all Colombia is dangerous isn´t it? Salento is very safe even during the evenings there is no reason at all to be afraid! Colombia is surprisingly safe and completely different to the picture given in the media of the western world. This is particularly true for the small villages such as Salento, Salamina and Jardin, they are as far away from crime and hostility one can come.

Salento by night

However there are differences between the villages! There are a lot of military people and policemen sometimes in Salento while in Salamina and Jardin one can´t see even a single policeman. A bus ride of about two hours takes you from Pereira or Armenia to Salento. There is no problem to find transport to this little nice village up in the Andean mountains!

Man waling into Salento

Farmer walking into Salento with his backpack, machete and rubber boots.

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