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February 11, 2018


by swebackpacker

View over Moraine Lake

My second day in Banff was spent walking around Lake Louise and up to Lake Agnes Tea house on the right hand side of the lake. The elevation gain is 385 meter; expected walking time is 2.5 to 3 hours for the 3.4 km to Lake Agnes Tea house. But first i few more view from Moraine Lake!


Walking down to Moraine Lake

On the left hand side of Moraine Lake there is a walking path for a couple of km to a viewing platform over the lake.


Mountain view Morraine Lake

It’s absolute necessary to come early to Lake Louise, if you need a parking lot for your car? There are a lot of people around Lake Louise Lake so an early morning visit is best. There were possibilities to rent Kayaks on the left hand of the lake. On the right hand side was the famous Fairmount Chateau Hotel.


Lake Louise


Kayaking Lake Louise

Of course the views of the lake above can be seen from Fairmount Chateau Hotel, if you have a room with lake view!


Fairmount Chateau Hotel

Did you spot the window cleaner on Fairmount Chateau Hotel?


A small pond on the way to Lake Agnes

About half way up to Lake Agnes tea house there was a small pond a suitable place for a well earnt rest. After all 385 meter uphill demands some effort it´s not an “easy peasy” walk up the mountain! One girl had brought a dinosaur dress in her backpack and gave us a small performance at the pond.


How did I perform my dinosaur?


Waterfall on the way to Lake Agnes

Arrival at Lake Agnes Tea house 385 meter higher elevation than Lake Louise gives a change in climate. On the lake there is ice and snow comes all the way down to Lake Ages. For many this is the end of the journey up the mountain but it´s possible to continue even higher!


Lake Agnes

I decided to follow the path around Lake Agnes in the end one can walk up to a pass a leave the valley altogether! It was not my goal for today but I was curious about the pass and a possible great view of Lake Louise from the pass.


On the path around Lake Agnes

On the picture above on the other side of Lake Agnes one can spot the path in the snow! The same path can be seen in the picture below as well but this photo is from a telephoto lens!


Path in the snow at Lake Agnes

I am standing on the path in the snow as you can see on the pictures above and took a picture of the Lake Agnes Teahouse on the other side of the lake. I decided to call it a day and return to Lake Louise from here!


Lake Agnes Tea house

There are other ways to conquer the mountain than walking. This girl has made it on a horse almost all the way up to Lake Ages Teahouse! However she will need to leave the horse and walk the last twenty meters or so on wooded stairs up to Lake Agnes Teahouse.


Girl on horse on the path to Lake Agnes Teahouse

It was time for my last day in Banff I decided to take a closer look at the world famous Fairmount Banff Spring Hotel! I didn´t actually plan to see it but drove the wrong way in Banff and ended up at the hotel!


Fairmount Banff Spring Hotel

Fairmount Banff Spring Hotel can be seen in the picture above as well in the picture below. The hotel has provided luxury for guests for more than 125 year!



On the opposite side of the mountains from Banff is Lake Minnewanka, it was early in the season and a very cold and windy day!


Lake Minnewanka Banff

I didn´t manage to see the Minnewanka lake area for more than a couple of hours in this cold weather. The views of the lake are fantastic, but a warm car is also very welcome, after some cold outdoor hours!


Veiw from Lake Minnewanka Banff


Boating Lake Minnewanka Banff

On the way down from Lake Minnewanka it was time for my second bear spotting in Canada. It was two black bears on the right hand side of the road a couple of hundred meters from the Minnewanka Parking lot. The safety distance for bear spotting is considered about one hundred meter! I believe I am about one hundred meters from this black bear couple!


Black bears near Lake Minnewanka

On the left hand side of High way one (High Way of Heroes) are a water system created by Bow River! The view of the mountains of the other side are famous and of interests for many artists!


Mount Rundle Banff

The water system is called Vermillion Lakes and the mountains of the other side Mount Rundle!


Mount Rundle Banff

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