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February 25, 2018


Shuswap Lake and the Canadian Desert

by swebackpacker


Shuswap Lake is fantastic water system on the Kamloops Plateau before the start of the Canadian desert. I was travelling from Jasper towards Vancouver and needed a couple of stops on the way! One stop was Shuswap Lake and the other more unusual forced stop was Cache creek in the middle of the Canadian desert.


I try to stay at HI hostel during my travel in Canada these are simpler hostel but an affordable option. One of the more unusual HI hotels is the HI hostel at Shuswap Lake located in Squilax. They rent out beds in railway wagons dormitory style. I did rent the private blue room in the shop building instead.

HI Hostel Shuswap Lake


Here is a picture for inside one of the railway wagons. There is a bed for the night in the wagons they are divided between one wagon for females and one wagon for males. There is a small food store if you need to buy something? The manager serve as many as you can eat pancakes and coffee in the morning. There is a possibility for a swim in the Shuswap Lake if you manage to come into the ice cold water (See the first picture).


Salmon Arm is the next place on the Trans Canada high way number one towards Banff from Squilax! I did visit the harbor area with a small park. It was possible to rent a boat for the day! There were a lot of birds in this area!


I did manage to take a photo of an Osprey with a catch of the day. The photo is taken on the pier in the harbor in Salmon Arm. A girl was kind enough to inform me about the Osprey nest near the pier.


If one is interested in traveling on the Shuswap Lake with a house bout one needs to go to Sicamous. There were a lot of house bouts of different styles but even the smaller ones are expensive to rent for a week.


Late afternoon sun at the beach in Sicamous it´s time to return to Squilax again!


Here is one last picture of Shuswap Lake from a rest area on Trans Canada high way number one between Sicamous and Salmon Arm. It’s almost time for sun set.


I travelled from Squilax to Cache Creek which located in the Canadian desert. Canada day was coming and Vancouver and Whister were fully booked regarding hotel rooms. I underestimated the importance to have a hotel booking in Vancouver during this time of the year. Actually one should have booked a hotel room maybe more than a month before ones visit to Vancouver. The picture is from High way 97 north of Clinton.


If you haven’t stayed overnight in Buckingham Palace in London you might would like to try Buckingham Palace in Clinton instead? As one can see from the picture we are just north of the Canadian desert on the famous high way 97 the path the gold diggers followed searching for gold in British Columbia!


I spent Canada Day in Clinton which I believe is very interesting small Canadian town. Clinton is in the middle of no there but still the town seems survive.


There was a flea market on Canada day in Clinton however the old cars was not for sale!


If for some reason Buckingham Palace hotel would be fully booked in Clinton one might should try to book a room in Palace hotel instead?


The old church in Clinton!


There were several flea markets in Clinton the possibilities for a good deal was endless. People seem to collect things and try to resale it every weekend out on the countryside of Canada.


I left Clinton and travelled back towards Cache Creek again just outside of Cache Creek are the small town Ashcroft. I am back in the Canadian Desert again.


An old car on the streets in Ashcroft!


The fire building in Ashcroft on the opposite side was very well stocked grocery store! Every small town or village in Canada seems to have this fantastic service!


Freight trains brings endless amount of goods from Vancouver to western Canada Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon and maybe even Winnipeg. These unbelievably long trains with double decked containers have one locomotive in the front one locomotive some there in the middle and maybe one locomotive in the end of the freight train! This picture is taken just outside of Ashcroft in the Canadian desert!


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  1. SeekingSammy
    Feb 25 2018

    Great photos! 🙂


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