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Salamina the unknown jewel of the coffee triangle!

If Salento was unknown for backpackers Salamina is completely unknown. I have not even heard or read anything at all about Salamina before going to Colombia. I stayed in a hostal in Zona Rosa in Manizales and was planning what to do next. The hostal had a leaflet over interesting places in Manizales and around Manizales. Most places were known to me such as Los Nevados, Hacienda Venecia (Coffee tour) but one place was unknown. I asked the manager is Salamina an interesting place? This is one of our most beautiful villages we have in Colombia! A lot of artists, writers and poets have made Salamina a famous village in Colombia. However very few people visits Salamina but I recommend going the village is incredibly beautiful! The carpenters work around the village is astonishing.

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Salento holiday resort for Colombian people!

For backpackers Salento is one of those almost unknown small holiday resorts in Colombia. Midweeks the small village is deserted of tourists but during the weekend a flood of young Colombian arrives for a Friday and Saturday evening party. It’s surprising that most backpackers miss this little gem on their way between Medellin and Cali. One is wondering why there are so few backpackers in Salento?

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