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Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Cycling Road

There is a really spectacular cycling road connection the islands of Honshu and Shikoku in Japan. It is possible to rent a bike in either Onomichi (Honshu) or Imabara (Shikoku) and leave it in the other town. The distance between these towns are 80 kilometer (it is 70 km if you can rent or leave the bike at the bridge outside Imabara). In my case I left the bike in Imabara city near the railway station. There are seven bridges and six islands to pass on this wonderful journey across the Japanese Inland Sea.

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Sumo wrestling the worlds oldest sport?

Sumo wrestling might be the world’s oldest sport still performed today! The sport has a history spanning many centuries’ ancient traditions have been preserved even today! There are many ritual elements such as salt purifications to get rid of evil spirits in the circular ring (dohyõ) before the match begins. The wrestlers themselves have to live according old traditions following strict rules for the clothes they use, the food they eat. This is a very demanding life and certainly not a life for everyone. Sumo wrestling has been through a severe decline but know is more popular than ever before since there are two grand champions (yokozuna).

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Shibuya and Shinjuku

I stayed in Tokyo for six days, first stop Shinjuku. One stop by subway with the Yamanote line is Shibuya. My goal for the evening was Starbucks Café and the view of the world famous zebra crossings. As usual with the big subway stations or train station in Tokyo you turn up in a shopping Centre. At last back on the street again heading towards the Shibuya zebras a man asked. What cameras are you carrying?

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