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Antigua is the great colonial city of Guatemala.

I left the beautiful and steamy hot Flores in El Petén for a night Journey to Guatemala City. It was a package with luxury bus to Guatemala City and Shuttle bus to Antigua next morning. After a day in above thirty degree Celsius and about eighty percent humidity it´s nice to enter a cool air-conditioned luxury bus. The journey started at 21:20 in the evening expected arrival time in Guatemala City about 06:30 in the morning. After a couple of hour the 17°C to 18° temperature is not so nice any more. It´s becoming very cool even for a Swedish man. The Guatemalan people were well prepared for a cold journey with sweaters and blankets. My sweater was in my backpack in the luggage compartment. If going by long distance buses in Mexico or central America I recommend having a sweater handy and not in the backpack.  Read more